JD Homes builds architectural homes for specific people with specific needs and we selected them to build our new home based on that along with the high standards, awards and reputation they had previously achieved.

On that basis we chose them and the resultant build is outstanding.

The team of Jesse, Sven and Ben were prompt in alerting us to any issues regarding design, materials, suppliers etc. and were proactive and innovative in suggesting alternative solutions and enhancements.

It is amazing the number of comments that have been received from complete strangers viewing the home, determining that it is the best house on the street and many visitors have remarked on the quality of craftsmanship. Clearly a testament to JD Homes.

They were professional, with attention to detail, commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, and because of this JD Homes achieved an outstanding build.
- Dawn & Eric

Lauren and I would like to thank Jesse and the team for the great work on our new home in Lincoln following the chch earthquakes in 2011.

- Lauren and Blair Timblick | Read full testimonial